Spa and Wellness

Rituals For Longevity

Ancient Modalities

For A Modern World

Coming Summer 2022

​We begin with Evening Rituals, which is all about ways you can set your tomorrow's self up for success.   You'll sleep better, reduce acid reflux, lower your stress levels, and create a nurturing evening environment.  Our sleep time is our body's healing time, and the Evening Rituals will cultivate the best opportunity for your body to do just that.

Morning Rituals help you begin your day in the best of ways. You'll feel recharged upon waking, ready to take on life's tasks, while lowering your blood pressure and feeding your soul.  Whether you're the morning kid chauffeur, the CEO of a business, or retired and just chillin', you deserve to start your day relaxed, energized, and completely blissed out.



​The Daily Rituals give you more tools to remain in the flow throughout your entire day.  You'll learn how to cope with dips in energy (without using caffeine or sugar!) as well as how to modify movements so your body can feel supported.  You'll uncover the things that light up your eyes and find ways to bring more of that into your life.

Wrap it all up with the Monthly Rituals to help you shine as brightly as you're meant to, and you're well on your way to stepping into optimal health.

If you're eager to take charge of your health but you aren't ready for one-on-one coaching or you want to move at your own pace, Rituals For Longevity is the place to start.

In this course, Holly shares with you ancient Ayurvedic principles (with a few modern gems sprinkled in), grouped into different Ritual segments...


How is this different from the 1:1 Coaching Program?

Ready to change your life?

This program is for you if any of these statements are true:

  • You're just so very tired, and nothing is helping

  • You have high blood pressure

  • You want to take better care of yourself, but you don't have any idea where to begin

  • Your sleep isn't as restful as you want and need it to be

  • Your body hurts, whether from previous injuries or chronic inflammation

  • Your stress levels are pretty up there

  • You wake up already feeling behind

  • You know some techniques that you could do to feel better, but you're not motivated to do them on your own or don't know how to fit them into your already busy schedule

  • You put yourself way down on the to-do list

  • You have acid reflux at night, waking you up and causing other issues

  • You feel energetically zapped, like you have little to nothing left to give

  • You're overwhelmed with life

  • You know you're meant for bigger things, but you don't know how to begin to figure out what

When crafting the individual Ayurvedic Wellness Program, Holly included Ayurvedic principles that honestly every person on the planet could benefit from.  That's how the Rituals For Longevity program was born.


This pre-recorded program does not cover individual imbalance assessments or balancing suggestions, nor does it go over dietary recommendations, recipes to restore your personal health, customized herbal blends, or personalized movement, meditation, or breathing practices.  


Both programs are amazing.  And while there are some cross-over principles, both are very different.  


If you're on the fence about up-leveling your health and aren't quite ready for a solo coaching journey, Rituals For Longevity is the perfect place to start.