Herbs and Minerals
Herbs and Minerals

What Is Ayurveda, Anyway?

The sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda has been on the scene for over 5,000 years.  Utilizing the principles of nature, including the five elements (space, air, fire, water, and earth), Ayurvedic philosophy believes imbalances are the cause of illness and disease.

Translated as "The Science of Life," Ayurveda is all about total wellness of the body, mind, and spirit.  As one of the world's oldest forms of medicine, its emphasis is all about bringing harmony to our internal and external worlds.  

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How Ayurveda Is Impletemented In This Coaching Program

Prior to your initial consultation, you'll be sent a questionnaire that includes an Ayurvedic assessment.  You'll be asked about what your nature was like when you were a kid as well as how you're feeling currently.  This info will help identify your imbalances and shine a light on any specific health concerns you may be experiencing.

Based on the info you provide -- and the subsequent conversations you'll have over the next three months -- Holly will create a customized wellness plan that will help you return to a place of whole-body happiness.

Any imbalances you may be experiencing will be addressed by implementing easy and actionable wellness techniques.  These may include dietary changes to better support your overall health, herbal supplements to enhance that support, and lifestyle adjustments that will make you feel like you've found yourself again.

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